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The 2023 Spillcon programme draws on a diverse range of global, regional and local speakers from all sectors involved in marine spill response. Aimed at all personnel involved in spill response preparedness, response, and recovery, Spillcon 2023 offers distinct topics and sessions as part of the triennium spill conference rotation.

Agencies will be attending from the not-for-profit, oil and gas, government, ports, maritime, shipping, emergency management and volunteer sectors.

Topics/activities to be covered include:

  • Regional organisational updates
  • Developments in maritime emergency planning
  • All-hazards emergency response
  • Global Response Network – member updates
  • First Nations Peoples consultation & engagement
  • Hazardous & noxious substances – brave ‘new’ world of spill response
  • Evolution of spill response [following the covid-19 pandemic]
  • Spill strategies – Surveillance, Monitoring & Visualisation
  • Spill strategies – Oiled Wildlife Response
  • Spill strategies – Dispersant use
  • Drills & Exercises
  • Global organisational updates
  • Land, air & sea operational display